BlogCritics visits Walt Disney World

Victor Lana over at blogcritics has written up a review of his recent trip to Walt Disney World

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World in Florida and stayed at
a Disney resort, you are familiar with the words "Welcome Home." This
phrase is repeated by everyone from the bus driver, the concierge, the
bellhop, the maid and the cashier at the store to the workers at the
theme parks.

At first it was a little amusing when I heard this, but after the
fifth time or so it became somewhat eerie. I wondered whether or not
these Disney people had been drinking some kind of Mickey Kool-Aid and
were part of a weird cult.

Of course, he stayed at a Disney Vacation Club resort, which explains the "Welcome Home" part. It’s a refreshing read that is a good reminder of how some first-timers experience Walt Disney World.