Disney Theatrical spreads its reach

Disney Theatrical will open the first European production of Tarzan in Holland this month.

Heading the cast of the Dutch-language production is 27-year-old Ron
Link from Nijmegen in the title role with 27-year-old Chantal Janzen
from Tegelen as Jane.

In a statement Disney Theatricals president and producer Thomas
Schumacher said, "We are excited to see our first international
production of
up on the stage in Holland. Our extraordinary partnership with Stage
Entertainment has given Bob Crowley and I an opportunity in less than a
year after opening on Broadway to revisit our show and create this new
production for Joop van den Ende and his gifted team."

This is when I wish filmed versions of musicals were available. I’m never going to make it Holland to see this performance. Once it’s closed what would it hurt to distribute an archive of the performance online?

Tarzan continues to play on Broadway along with three other Disney musicals. All are bringing in respectable box office and audience figures.(Read)

2 thoughts on “Disney Theatrical spreads its reach”

  1. This brings up a question that’s been lurking in my mind since my last trip to Orlando– why isn’t Disney building a theater or two, and running one or more of their already successful shows on property? They already own the rights, the music, have the merchandise, and have an audience ready to go. They’ve already got Equity people in the vicinity. I think Cirque du Soleil puts on a heck of a show, but wouldn’t The Lion King sell just as many seats? Or Beauty and the Beast, or Mary Poppins, or Tarzan?

  2. I have asked this same question. Why doesn’t Disney open a show like Beauty and the Beast in a theatre at Downtown Disney. I can understand not doing a brand new shwo there, but I think they could be very successful with some of their past musicals.

    Rustin Allison

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