Another Family Stays in Disney World’s Cinderella Royal Suite

Yes, The Year Of A Million Dreams promotion continues. We’re hardly hearing anything as far as promotions or reminders in Orlando. Is it as quiet in the rest of the country? For some families, I’m sure the first they hear of the promotion is when they’re accosted awarded by the Dream Squad. 

The Midland Daily News in Midland, MI has the story of one lucky family from their town. The McNeill’s won a night’s stay in the Cinderella Castle.

On this day, the family rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, and Sweebe was
sitting in the lucky seat for the award. Would the family like to spend
a night in Cinderella’s castle, the staff member asked. The "yes" was
The family was whisked to their condo so they could
pack overnight bags for the stay. Then came a parade with bands
playing, and a trip in a "gold Suburban" to the castle, Teri McNeill

I guess this answers one question. What happens if you’re staying off site. You get a special trip in a gold Suburban back to where ever you’re staying to pack an overnight back. I’m surprised there isn’t a police escort. (via)