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Life in the Walt Disney World College Program

I totally wish I had known about the College Program when I went to school. I don’t think the east coast was on my radar yet. Disney is relying on the WDWCP even more these days as hiring enough regular cast members becomes an issue. So I’m always interested to see what life is like for program participants.

Over at themepark attractions one participant explains what life is like back at the apartment. It’s a 3 bedroom place with 6 guys sharing it. The author had 13 different roommates over the course of his 7 month internship.

I had one who got fired for falling asleep on the job.  He didn’t talk much, and spent most of his time at PI.  I still have one of his shirts in my closet if he ever wants it back.

I had one who had ADD and didn’t like to take his medicine.  He was fun to hang out with sometimes, and other times he was a bit too much.  He survived the program, though moved to another apartment because he was Career Start and not College Program.

One spent the night in jail after he got caught stealing at Universal.  He got his nipples pierced while we were there.  He left the program because he wasn’t making any money.  That tends to happen when you call in every day. I still have one of his shirts too.

There was another guy that called in a lot too.  He kept waiting for them to fire him for attendance, but they never did, so he eventually just left.

Quite a revolving door. (Read)