Light Rail coming to Disneyland?

It’s no secret that Disneyland is surrounded by Urban Sprawl. This was in fact Walt’s goal, to be at the geographic center of Southern California. But this has resulted in many hours of sitting in traffic for frustrated locals and tourists. Well, now they’re finally doing a study to see what form of Mass Transit will best help transfer tourists and locals from Huntington Beach to the Disneyland area. About time, I say.

I made this drive many times and was amazed at the traffic that congested the streets even after midnight. Adding a light rail along the existing tracks and right aways would not only relieve some of that traffic, but it would help with providing access to affordable housing for Disneyland area workers. I hope Disneyland gets on board soon because of this.

Meanwhile Anaheim is looking to expanded the Platinum Triangle (by Angel Stadium) and Disneyland is suing Anaheim to keep the Resort Zone focused on the resort, and not building more housing.