Proof that Mickey Mouse was created by Aliens!

Mickeycropcircle Here’s a website with proof that Mickey Mouse was created by Aliens. Look at these crop circles that are clearly in the famous shape of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney must have been channeling alien dreams when he created the famous mouse. I think I’ll sue the Walt Disney Company to give Mickey back to the aliens.

This is as crazy an idea as the story Fox News keeps running that a Tampa bay man claims to own the original drawing of Mickey Mouse. Is it that slow of a news week or does Fox News enjoy taking pot shots at the Mouse House? This story is so easily
debunked if the reporter just looks at an early version of Mickey
Mouse. There were no gloves or pie-eyes… and um… phones with cords
like that didn’t exist yet in 1928. I posted this three days ago on The
Disney Blog

Drives me nuts.