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EM:HE’s Ed Sanders: Get Well Soon!

I just watched last night’s very moving episode of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. 9/11 Hero and Former Marine Jason Thomas and his family were honored with a new house to replace the lemon they were living in. It was one of those two-hour episodes where nearly every moment brings a tear to your eye.

As part of the episode, Ed Sanders, one of the show’s designers, conceptualized and nearly completed a beautiful and powerful American Flag sculpture. Unfortunately Sanders experienced a horrible injury to his hand while working in an unsafe condition (as he admitted on the show). The sculpture was completed by the team while Sanders recovered from surgery at a local hospital.

The episode was actually filmed a few months ago and Ed is well into his recovery, he’s written about the experience on his blog (with photos of the injury…yuck!). It looks like he’ll be back on the set of the next extreme makeover this week and that’s good news. Some of you may recall that Ed Sanders was gracious enough give an interview to The Disney Blog last year. With triplets on the way in a few months, we want to wish him a complete recovery and his whole family the very best from everyone here at The Disney Blog.

2 thoughts on “EM:HE’s Ed Sanders: Get Well Soon!”

  1. Ed Sanders
    I am happy to see you are doing better and to see you performing on Bingo. I have always admired you. All the Best.

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