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Current or Former Employee of The Gap?

Do you currently work for The Gap, or did you work for The Gap?  Or are you are were you a shareholder of The Gap?  Or maybe you were a regular shopper at the various Gap brand stores.  As a former Disney cast member and ongoing Disney shareholder, I’m interested in talking with you about your experiences with Paul Pressler and those he brought in from Disney.  I have an interest in corporate sociological dynamics.  You can contact me directly at kpsfh[at]flash[dot]net.

Forgive this posting if you find it out of place.  It may bring about some future contributions to The Disney Blog.

1 thought on “Current or Former Employee of The Gap?”

  1. I work for Banana Republic in retail and I can tell you that on our level that Pressler doesn’t matter much. Sure, he appears on the orientation video and the occasional “morale boosting” letter, but on the low level it didn’t make a lick of difference! Btw, Banana Republic continued to do well, even with Pressler at the helm. The problems with comp stores were limited to Gap and Old Navy!

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