First guests to stay in Cinderella’s Royal Suite tonight

Local news reports that the first guest will be tapped to stay in the Cinderella Castle Royal Suite tonight. Press is being given tours yesterday and today. The Orlando Sentinel has some better photos then those you saw before and a video that includes an interview with the Imagineers who led the project.

If you want to spend a night in Cinderella castle, remember they have to give away one overnight stay every night through the end of 2007. So if you’re a local, your best chance is to go everyday and to be there right at opening. If you’re from out of town, I’d schedule to attend during a really slow period. But winning is totally random and there will be thousands of other guests in the park who might get tapped too.

If you’re willing to wait until 2008 you might try calling WDW Guest Relations and ask if they’re accepting reservations for 2008 or to be put on a contact list if they do decide to offer overnight stays for a price.