Back in the top 10,000!

I’m happy to announce that The Disney Blog has made it back into the top 10,000 blogs according to Technorati. It’s been a long road back since original August 2006 delisting by Google. But with your help and patience we did it. This blog is nothing without it’s audience. You provide me the feedback and tips I need to keep making this blog better. I’d also like to thank Ken, Whit, and Cory for coming on board as part-time authors, I hope you’ll be hearing more of their unique voices in the coming months.

If you would like to help The Disney Blog become even more popular, you can always add it to your Technorati Favorites:

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or add it your own blog’s links list. Once you have The Disney Blog on your blogroll, send me a note and I’ll add a reciprocal link (although PG-13 and above sites might be listed on my personal blog).

Once again, thanks everyone!

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