How to make a perfect CG Animated Feature

Jason of Webomatica has a very true and very funny (it’s funny because it’s true) take on all the cliches that go into making a computer generated film, such as those done by Pixar or Dreamworks.

1. Plural Noun Title. Bugs. Cars. Toys. Robots. Ants. Incredibles. Lima Beans. The film’s idea should consist of one word. Two words are becoming acceptable (Bug’s Life, Happy Feet), but one word is the Holy Grail.

2. Voices By At Least One Famous Actor and One Stand-up Comedian. Pair Luke Wilson with Eddie Murphy. Or Helen Hunt with Woody Allen. Or Clint Eastwood with Ben Stiller. The voices must be distinct enough so the adults spend some time muttering, “That ferret sounds an awful lot like William Shatner!”

Technically It’s "The Incredibles". But they’re all funny. Go see the rest. I wonder if John Lasseter has these taped to his office door.