Disney’s Musical Plans Revealed

Variety has an interesting article on Disney’s growing Theatrical division. You might want to read before it disappears behind the subscription requirement. For you High School Musical fans, here is the money quote:

The diversified scale of Disney Theatrical’s business is evident in
the development of its newest franchise property, "High School
Musical." The tuner adaptation of the phenomenally popular telepic and
CD will be staged by six professional theater companies this year,
starting with Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis and Theater of
the Stars in Atlanta. But those productions will serve primarily to
whet appetites for licensed school and community theater stagings to

"We’ll be doing over 5,000 performances by professional
companies for kids this year but these are mostly to chum the waters
for the licensing property," says Schumacher. "But you can bet if one
of these professional productions turns out to be great, we’ll think
about moving it. I’m not looking at New York, but every option is open
for ‘High School Musical’ right now."

So keep your fingers crossed that something good develops.