Pixar’s Next Film: Big Rumor about WALL-E

Back in August ’06 we revealed that after Ratatouille Pixar’s next film will be WALLE (was W.A.L. – E.?). It’s rumored to be a sci-fi fic with the main character being a robot. Now there’s another interesting rumor about WALLE. We learn now that the director is Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo). It’s also possible that this film will push the artistic limits of the medium and be mostly dialogue free and visually driven.

As usual take all rumors with a grain of salt. I remember how much I was prepared to hate Finding Nemo when I first heard of its basic concept. But it turned out to be one of my favorite films from Pixar. Here’s hoping that both Ratatouille and WALLE will follow that same path. WALLE is scheduled to hit theatres in June 2008. (Link)

Update: Via the Annual Report and Bob Iger’s Letter to Shareholders, we have the first image from WALLE.


Looks like that’s WALL•E. I guess that confirms this is about a robot. Can anyone make out what the robot is holding in its hands? A baby picture?

4 thoughts on “Pixar’s Next Film: Big Rumor about WALL-E”

  1. Well, that isn’t going to push the state of the art of CG animation. The pic here looks like something from a cross between the playstation “Tiny Tank” and SAGA “Red dog” games.

  2. Well, the ‘dialogue-free’ idea is certainly supported by the fact that WALL-E doesn’t have a mouth.

    Interesting. Of course the shorts are dialogueless, and are great, but I don’t know how 1.5 hours of that would fly. grain of salt, anyway

  3. Looks like a picture of a little girl, which seems weird since I was assuming this would be all robots. And as for the no mouth=no dialogue, Lenny from Toy Story didn’t have a mouth, but he still had a few lines…I guess we’ll see!

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