Disney Annual Report released, contains new concept art

The Walt Disney Company has released its annual report for last fiscal year (Oct 05-06). I believe this is the first time they’ve included the whole thing online in something other than a PDF format. For those of you who don’t want to read through all the corporate financial speak, you can jump right to this page to view a layout chock full of concept art for attractions and movies that are still on the horizon.

I particularly like the idea of Carland, which looks like a cross between Test Track and Marc Davis’ Western Adventure, I bet Disney Studios Paris would rather have gotten that. And then there is the concept for a new Disney Theme Park, which somehow reminds me of Islands Of Adventure (part of which got its start as Beastly Kingdom at Animal Kingdom). Then there is the giant atrium covered indoor park. Could either of those ideas have been considered for the Shanghai park?

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  1. Dreaming: New Disney theme park concept art

    The Walt Disney Company have just released their latest annual report, containing all sorts of numbers and junk that mean absolutely nothing to me. What is interesting, though, is that theres a section within it entitled Dreaming&#8221…

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