3D Wireframe Space Mountain Ridethrough

Space Mountain has always occupied a soft spot in my heart. The Florida version was one of the last attractions my grandfather worked on. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was afraid to actually ride the indoor coaster until I was 9 years old (Of course, it didn’t open until I was eight). But when I did ride, the Disneyland version, I never looked back. I still get a thrill every time I ride it. If you haven’t ridden the latest version you should. The special effect they added really take it to another level without losing any of the original charm or thrill.

The uber-fans at SpaceStation77.com have taken it upon themselves to create a virtual version of the Disneyland masterpiece. They’re not quite done, but they have made available this marvelous wireframe version of the ride through, complete with the new soundtrack by Pixar’s Incredibles composer Michael Giacchino.

Also check out the preview of the fully rendered version and the photos of the Imagineer Model made for the Disneyland attraction. Can’t wait.