Disney uses CES to preview new technology & shows

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, gave the Keynote speech at CES last night. As part he his speech he revealed new details about an upgraded Disney.com website and sneaked in a few previews of upcoming movies too.

One of the new features revealed about Disney.com is that it will have the ability to guess what you might want to see based on your information (age, gender) and past viewing habits at the site. That’s a nice feature, hopefully they’ll give the option to easily toggle that so you can see what the masses are seeing if you want. Everything sounds like a step or two in the right direction. But if Disney wants to be a player in the new Internet, they’re going to have to keep up the pace this time.

Disney also brought Lost stars Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox on stage to talk about how Technology affects Disney’s movie and shows.

Fox talked about the role technology is playing in allowing fans to come together and talk about the show and ultimately, the influence that fans exert over the shows they are watching. "They have a lot more control over the show than we do as actors," he said. "We’re at the mercy of the fans. Our producers are constantly going online."

Although Fox probably had those words scripted for him. I think that’s a little whiny, don’t you.

Also previewed were scenes from Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End and Ratatouille. The New Disney.com should come on line sometime this month. (Read)

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    I like zac efron as troy from high school musical. why dosent he go on the tour and the concerts like the other cast members?

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