Interview with James Baxter, Animator

Mario Furmanzyck, a fourth year student at CalArts, has a long interview with James Baxter.

I’d like to see hand drawn start pushing some boundaries. Stylistically it was in a rut, looking back on itself a lot, even though I’m working on a project (Enchanted) that’s supposed to look back on the past. We’re trying to get a nostalgic feel to it.

I’d like to see things done in a different style. Since there’s so much digital help, there’s a lot of digital possibilities for the future. We’re trying to do things that won’t limit us to line and flat color. But just be careful that you’re not just doing things just to be doing things. Just don’t distract the audience. (Freckles on faces, textures, etc.)

Baxter’s studio provided the hand drawn animation for the opening minutes of Disney’s Enchanted.

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  1. Disney animation has already experimented with different styles. Unsuccessfully for the most part. A prime example is “Hercules”. With the success of Lion King, I thought the animation department became arrogant and the “different styles” they chose had nothing to do with selling the movie or making appealing character designs and everything to do with the artistic egos of the art directors and animators. How’s this, you want to come up with a “new style”? Do some short features and see how they work with the folks in flyover country who are going to be the back bone of your audience.

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