Union Rep defends ‘Tigger’ actor

Thankfully the news story about the Tigger character who possibly struck a young guest has begun to die down. Well, it had quieted down until the Union Rep spoke up and defended his client. According to the character actor’s side of the story, he was just reacting to and trying to get away from an assault from the boy on the Tigger costume that was choking him.

It’s obvious from the video (see this slide show on WFTV for some close ups) that the boy was not totally innocent here. My questions are was Tigger just trying to walk away or signal his handler, but somehow got intangled in the boy’s arms and lost his balance? Or was his actively trying to push off from the boy? Which would be a big no-no in Disney’s eyes. I wouldn’t blame Disney here if they discipline the character actor for pushing a guest, even if it was in response to shenanigans from said guest.

We’ll probably never know the sum of the facts in this case as this will likely be handled internally.

2 thoughts on “Union Rep defends ‘Tigger’ actor”

  1. It was clear the brat, er, “boy”–who looked high-school age–was doing SOMETHING to the cast member. The cast members are only human. I hope the discipline is light in this case.

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