Disney has settled out of court with the family of a woman who died 2 months after experiencing the Indiana Jones Adventure and claiming to have injured her head/brain during the ride. Disney, of course, admits no wrong doing (despite the fact that they changed some aspects of the attraction after the death was reported).

Alas this settlement was too late to prevent Disneyland from being held to a new standard of care by California Courts. Disneyland attractions must now meet the same standards of care as a city bus. Which strikes me as a pretty loose standard (afterall there are no seatbelts on the bus and it can travel at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour). But what it doesn’t do is bounce, jar, spin, or contort. So I don’t know what Disney will do about some it’s attractions that do just that. Does adding a seatbelt/restraint meet the new standard of care? After all that’s more than a city bus would do.


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