A closer look at the P3 Preview

Warning post contains potential spoilers about the third Pirates film.

The clip on the Disney Channel Movie Surfers site provided some better viewing of the Pirates Of The Carribean preview clips. So I’ve taken the liberty of capturing a few frames of the preview for further analysis. If you look closely, a lot is revealed about the upcoming film.


We finally do get to see Orlando Bloom as Mr. Will Turner. He appears to have brokered a meeting between conniving EITC baddie Lord Cutler Beckett and the trio of Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, and Captain Barbossa (the same three we see walking on the beach in one of the promo shots that has been released).


The next clip shows Director Gore V standing on the set of the Davy Jones’ Flying Dutchman, but behind him are two interesting glimpses. First are the two soldiers in the back, but down pay too much attention to them as they probably reveal some major plot spoiler. The guy in the grey suit with all the little white dots all over him is great. That’s a motion capture suit and might even be hiding Bill Nighy who plays Davy Jones and wears a suit like that to make it easier for the FX guys to give him his squid-like face.


The third clip shows Captain Jack thanking his crew for coming to rescue him, in his own way, of course. You can see many of the regulars in the show (Will Turner, Barbossa, Pintel, Ragetti, Cotton, Gibbs, Marty) but the rest of the crew appears to be of Asian descent. How far did they have to go to rescue Jack Sparrow… makes me wonder how much of the movie will be without the swishy Pirate Captain.

I don’t know about you, but seeing these clips have me more excited than ever for the May release of the third film. Arrrghh!