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The Disney Blog delisted from Google Again!

The Disney Blog has been delisted from the Google Index again. No warning, no email, nothing indicating why the site has been dropped from the index on the Google Webmaster Tools site (and believe me I keep a close eye on that site after having been delisted once before in August). Can anyone help me figure this out, get me in contact with Google, etc?

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I think it’s pretty obvious that The Disney Blog is not a spam site,
nor a link farm. It’s ranked in the top 13,000 blogs at Technorati out
of 34+ million. It was ranked in the top 5000 before the first delisting. Readership levels had just returned to pre-August levels and now they’ll be shot to hell again.

I followed every recommendation Google makes in their help files and a few other suggestions other folks made based on their experiences being delisted. One of the things I did was set up domain mapping to and submit that URL as a sitemap to Google. Something I did worked because in about 30 days I was back in the Google index again.

Now it’s happened again and I’m really pissed off and feeling very powerless here.

I suspect the major problem is that Typepad doesn’t allow 301-redirects from the old domain to the new one. So anything I post shows up at two URLs:<etc>.html and<etc>.html. I don’t know what’s going on for a fact, but I’m guessing that Google’s Index interprets this as being spammy and blocks the domain. I wouldn’t mind if they delisted the typepad domain, but they’ve delisted the domain. The one I’ve been working so hard to restore since August.

I’m going to email them again today. But it is my understanding that Typepad has no plans to change that and no other way to resolve this indexing situation with Google.

So, I guess I’m looking for two things. Either someone at Google who can get this straightened out for me. Or someone who can help me quickly port The Disney Blog to another webservice and leave Typepad/SixApart behind. I’m willing to pay for the latter choice. Please email me today.