RV Park near Disneyland closes, residents forced to move

The long term goals for Disneyland has always been to create as much as a resort atmosphere as possible for the tourists who visit. As part of this the city of Anaheim created a resort zone and encouraged development inside those borders. The most recent victim of this economic shift are the residents of the Traveler’s World RV park, a fixture for vacationers and residents alike since the early 70s.

The rezoning of Traveler’s World is another drop in the number of low income housing available close to the park. There’s was also the recent debate over another piece of property located near Disneyland’s potential third-gate property. Disneyland relies on low income workers to staff its resorts and parks. If they can’t live nearby Disneyland will have to work with local governments to ensure reliable public transportation from low income areas to the Disneyland area. How about a couple of monorails?