Three of the Four Florida Parks At Capacity Today

The Orlando Sentinel reports that three of the four parks in Florida were temporarily closed, or had their parking lots closed, due to capacity issues today. This usually happens during peak hours on the busiest days of the year. If you come back later in the afternoon the parks are less busy. 

The only open park was EPCOT which is a people eater with its many high capacity rides and wide avenues. Nice to hear that Animal Kingdom reached capacity. I wonder how soon fastpass was gone for Mt. Everest? 10AM? (Read)

2 thoughts on “Three of the Four Florida Parks At Capacity Today”

  1. I came home yesterday from WDW and man to be honest I was glad to leave. It was extremely overcrowded and it showed in many ways.

    Customer service was at 40% at best. Cast Members and all other employees all seemed to be overwhelmed. The transportation to and from the parks was slow and very late.

    The rest rooms were not very clean and for the first time I saw trash laying around in the parks for hours sometimes. Thank goodness I am a man because all the women’s rest rooms had lines out the door,from morning till night.

    To top off the trip it rained nearly every day, (tornado warnings on Christmas day) it is no wonder the parks were closed later in the week.

    I was disappointed at the lack of customer service that I experienced on this trip, compared with the many times I had been before. It felt more like a trip to Busch Gardens or Six Flags versus the Disneyworld I have experienced in the past. Still the kids had fun and it was relaxing. Hopefully it was a fluke time to go.

  2. I was there that day, and I can personally vouch for the EXTREME crowdedness. It simply wasn’t as magical with all those people crammed in…

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