Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End premiere rumors

As I have stated elsewhere. There will be NO TICKETS for the premiere of Pirates Of The Carribean: At World’s End available to the public. You either have to be someone or know someone to get in. That’s the way it is with all Hollywood premiers. So please don’t plan to fly or drive to Disneyland with the hope that you’ll meet or see Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom at the movie premier.

Additionally, there is so far nothing announcing or confirming a ‘red-carpet event’ at Disneyland for the premiere of P3. And there are, in fact, rumors that the POTC:III premiere will be held elsewhere (at the beach, in New Orleans, etc.). The memorial day weekend release of the movie makes it seem unlikely they’d be willing to close Disneyland down for even an evening during that very busy week. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it happening. If that changes, I will, of course, post updates here at The Disney Blog.

What there will be for sure are merchandise events at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The WDW info is posted here. Tickets for the WDW Event go on sale January 11th. But while the events might include midnight viewings of the movie, remember neither of those include tickets to the premier with stars and celebrities.

I’m guessing this post won’t stop the endless pleas for tickets on this blog. But hopefully a few of you will find the answers you seek.

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  1. i kiss who tells me where and when is the premiere, and if is gonna have a red carpet event or not PLEEEEEEEASE TELL ME

  2. ok so IF it is in disney land this year, is there any way to just be there the day of the premiere?

    because one of my friends went last year to POTC 2

    no she didnt have tickets to it so she couldnt watch the movie or walk on the redcapret, but she bought tickets to disneyland and got to get pics of them next to the carpet

    so like…idk is that gonna be possible for this one IF it IS in disneyland?

  3. i want to say that we schould all go to the perimer cause no one is stoping me and if we do go we shall all go and watch the amazing film done by orlando bloom he is the worlds handsome hottie!!!! i have ever seen .

  4. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I was @ Disneyland for The Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mens Chest last year. No we couldn’t go to the actual premiere, but we were able to watch the stars arrive & I did meet Johnny Depp & a bunch of other actors too. I have pictures & autographs. Who are you & where are you getting your info? Last year a girl kept posting they we wouldn’t be able to see the stars & we did! The first two premieres were held @ Disneyland, what makes you think this one won’t be???

  5. If anyone knows IF they are going to sell tickets to the premiere of pirates 3???? I think thats really mest up that Disney would not have the premiere open to the public like it has for the last 2 movies. I’m sure they will have tickets avaiable. And doesn’t Disney make a killing off of these premiere’s??? Think about those tickets have to be WAY more expensive than any normal ticket into the park. And thousand of screaming fans willing to fork over any amount of money just to see their favorite celebs…..Disney would be crazy not to have it open to the public.

  6. For Dead Men’s Chest, Disneyland opened early like 6 am & closed early. The red carpet was set up & went all through the park. Fans arrived EARLY to get a good spot around the red carpet. You than had to stay in your spot the WHOLE day. We were allowed to stay for all the celebrity arrivals. We got to talk with almost every celebrity there including ALL the main stars. We got autographs & pictures. We were not allowed to the actual screenig, just to watch the stars arrive. That in itself is quite an experience. The only way to get premiere tickets is to win them, if any are being given away. You have to pay Disney’s admission for the day & you can watch the stars arrive. I live in Ohio & planned my trip around this premiere. It was hard to plan & very frustrating @ times. It took several phone calls to Disneyland to get the actual info. I also checked http://www.seeing-stars.com/calendar for info. On this site all movie premieres & their location are listed. I also frequently checked Disney’s calendar. When I noticed Disney was closing early that day 24th, I knew that was why. So good luck to everyone that is planning to go. I know I am. I’m just waiting for confirmation. I heard it might take place on May 19th @ Disneyland, but no confirmation yet. Plans should be more known closer to May. I had a memorable time last year!!

  7. Thought the world premiere of the movie is memorial day weekend, the premiere at Disneyland won’t be. They usually do it several weeks before the premiere to the public. From what I’ve heard, it is still going to be at Disneyland.

  8. If they do the premiere like last year it could be May 12th, that would be 13 days before the release of the movie. That’s how it was last year. However all the hotels in the Disneyland area are booked for May 18th, that seems fishy to me!! I guess we’ll have to wait & see.

  9. I was looking at Disneyland.com the other day and on April 22nd the park has weird hours. It is open 6:30am-4pm for a “special event”. Not saying this is for sure the premiere, but it seems likely, though it is a month before the movie comes out.

  10. Elizabeth Castaneda

    Disneyland now has May hours up & on May 19th the park closes early due to a special event. That has to be it!! I wish I knew for sure! I’m going to wait for a confirmation before booking any airfare! I think April is too early for the premiere! Good luck to everyone!!

  11. In agreement with Elizabeth. It looks like the premiere will now be on the 19th at Disneyland


    No official word on the date from either Disneyland or the studios. So please don’t spend a fortune you don’t have to be there until it’s official. That said, you might want to consider making hotel reservations for a room close to the park for that night. You can usually cancel those with little or no penalty with advanced notice (read your reservations rules carefully).

  12. I talk to a Disney rep. last night. The park closing on April 22nd (I believe) is due to a travel convention, that much info. was given to the rep. The rep. did not know the reason for the hours on May 19th. He said it could be for the premiere, but no info. was given. There is no confirmation yet, but I’m fairly certain that’s what it is. It seems like the info. was official last year within the same time frame, if I’m remembering right… Look for seeing-stars.com/calendar to post it. Last year when I saw it on their calendar of events I was certain & booked travel.

    To John frost: Do you work @ Disney or no someone who does???

  13. I do not work for Disney. I do know people who do and I keep my ear to the ground. In this case, I had two sources saying that cast members were told the 19th was it and it’s very similar to last year’s lead up to the premiere. So if it walks and quacks like a duck…

  14. I can’t believe we have to wait that long!!!! I have been chewing my nails waiting for it to come out since I saw POTCII! That was a great one, I expect this to be even better! ARG!!!!

  15. This is for all you fans who are awaiting the Premiere date of POTC 3. As some of you, I also attended the POTC 2 red carpet event last June 2006 with my daughter and her 5 friends. We got there very early and left at 9 p.m. We had such a great time. We all got to meet JD, OB and KK. Took lots of great pictures and enjoyed the red carpet event. Unfortunately, the public cannot view the movie unless you know are member of the family or in the movie business. But just being at the red carpet event was great! I do have some confirming news though. If you plan on attending this year, now is the time to make reservations at a hotel. If you go to the disnelyand website and click on the calendar, go to the month of May and you will notice on the 19th of May is a special event. Well guess what??? That is the day of the red carpet event. This is how I found out!!! Try and you will find your results. I plan to attend again and take pictures with my favorite stars of the movie!!! So, now is the time to plan. Look for a great time. You need patience and pick a great spot. Good Luck!!!

  16. This is an extended message: The calendar does not specifically say that it is the red carpet event. Last year when I looked for it on disneyland website this is exactly what it said!!! Check it out..

  17. My third comment to my first two messages. The red carpet is not confirmed yet but I would agree to Elizabeth’s message. Start keeping your eyes and ears alert for the announcement!!

  18. Hi!
    I just wonder if anyone can come to the premieres and stand by the red carpet, and watch the celebreties walk down the carpet? I know now that it is allmost impossible to get tickets, but is it the same with the red carpet? Pleas answer my question, because i really want to know.

    Love ida

  19. Their is not special tickets to purchase for the red carpet event! All you have to do is be there when the Disneyland gates open and pay the regular price. Last year when I attended we paid regular admission and found our place on by the red carpet. Took pixs with JD, OB and KK. It was absolutely amazing! We watied a total of 12 hours but is was worth it! There will be special hours and last year it opened at 6:30 and gates closed at 5 p.m. No others were let inside. It was a night to remember. Plan and get ready Ida!

  20. Hi i need to know if anyone has info on the potc3 awe premier in london that is if there is a premier in london!? i desperately need to meet keira and orlando and i really want to go to the premier as this maybe the last pirates movie (not yet discussed if this is the last talks of a 4th are in place). Please give me any information using my email address.
    thanks loads

  21. I called the Disney Resort over the weekend & the lady I spoke with said the premiere is in fact on May 19th. That’s why the park is closing early. It still doesn’t look like it’s been made official yet, but you can pretty much count on this day. I am planning on purchasing airfare right away! Good luck to everyone who’s planning on going!

  22. So for those of you who have been to a premiere before… theres no special ticket you have to buy to get into it? You just buy a regular day pass? And please let me know if its been confirmed for May 19th! I’ve missed the premiere by a week both times and its really annoying!

  23. OK! Like everyone knows the disney calendar shows an event on the 19th. Lets assume thats it because everyone is saying thats similar 2 what happened last year and were all pretty sure that must be it.
    I’m flying from New Zealand though, so I think I should wait 4 confirmation. I’m not gunna waste my $$$ and then it’s not even that date. To all of you who wanna go, start to plan if you havnt already. HOPE 2 CYA ALL THERE! MAINLY BECAUSE YOU CAN HOLD MY SPOT IF I NEED TO PEE! LOL! :) gd luck!

  24. someone said that the Disneyland resort confirmed that it’s “Pirates Premier” on the 19th on the website.
    They havent yet ppl, so dont count your chickens before theyve hatched!

  25. To all of you wondering, like me, I can’t confirm the date of the premiere, but I spoke with someone at the park yesterday
    who is the key special effects and makeup artist for Pirates. He was there for a special 40th anniversary of the ride. (Not allowed to tell you his name )but he said for sure the premiere is at the park
    and tickets for the premiere itself might
    be up for sale but all money will go to charity, which probably means that unless you have a celebrity’s bank account, no one can afford them and I’m sure that you do have to know someone to get those anyway.
    I live in the local area and go to the park all the time, and like everyone said, they did close the park early last year and it was kept hush hush.Good luck to all and let us know if you hear anything.

  26. Hey. For those who are wondering when and where the UK premiere will be this website is all about it:


    Hope it helps a bit.

    Ive like 99% booked everything for the 19th of may and now there is another special event on the Disney calendar in April!!!!!!!
    What the heck is going on! SOMEONE PLEASE CONFIRM WHEN IT IS!

  28. the movie is opening on memorial day weekend, so of course the premiere isnt going to be on the same weekend. itll be a couple weekends before.


  29. john frost has basically confirmed it will be on this 19th may date on the other “disneyblog” surrounding the potc 3 premiere.
    Dont worry people, it will be fine.

  30. I work at Disneyland part-time. The event team just had a walk-thru last week of the New Orleans area. THE PREMIERE WILL BE AT DISNEYLAND ON MAY 19TH. The rules are basically the same as the last two times. You can’t see the movie, but you can see the red carpet arrivals. You must pay for admission or have an AP. If you want to be in front, lining the red carpet, get here early and plan to stay ALL day-out in the hot sun. There’s very little shade. Bring sunscreen and water! You will not be allowed to hold a place for late arrivals, but you can take turns leaving the line for food and bathroom. You can probably even go on one ride – but don’t be away too long. It’s not just the Cast Members to worry about, the Guests will complain and report you! The Park closes early, but if you are in the red-carpet area, you will be allowed to stay. The movie can’t be shown until dark 8:30 or 9, so the red carpet arrivals don’t start until around 6 PM. In the past, Johnny, Orlando and Keira were near the beginning because it takes them so long to get to the end – they have to stop for interviews along the way. All three have been very gracious to the fans and have taken pictures, and signed autographs. But not alot, they still have to get through the line in a timely manner. Usually Guests (over 9 years old) aren’t allowed to wear costumes in Disneyland, but last year pirates clothing was allowed for red carpet viewers. Nothing revealing and no weapons – this is Disneyland, after all. Also, you can’t look too much like a performer, so make it unique, but keep it simple. Small signs are OK, too. Enjoy!

  31. The event on 4/22 is a convention, not the premiere. They booked the entire park. First time I’ve ever heard of such a thing, so they must have paid dearly for it.

    OK, not exactly the first time – really rainy days (but not in the last 5 years), 5/4/05 to get ready for the 50th, 9/11/01 for the obvious reason, and the last two pirates premieres. Any other private parties have been after park hours.

  32. Two more things… (1) buy your ticket before Saturday. We will, most likely, stop selling tickets early in the day. (2) Carpool -or better, yet- walk or take the bus; the parking situation will be bad.

  33. Sorry, didn’t mean to confuse anybody about buying tickets. You can not buy tickets to the premiere. I meant you should buy your PARK admission tickets early.

    You see, when you buy a ticket, it isn’t for a specific day. We never know when you are going to use it. You could go the day you buy the ticket, a week later, a year later.

    When we have busy days, the first thing we do to curb attendance is: stop selling 1-day tickets. So, if you already have your ticket you can still get in. After a few hours, if that doesn’t aleviate the crowds a little, then we stop admitting people with tickets.

    Remember on 5/19, Disneyland opens at 6:30 AM. The parking lot ususally opens 30-45 minutes before park opening. But, as I recall, last time they did open it earlier. That will probably not be decided until the night before. An alternative idea is to park in the Downtown Disney lot (because it is open earlier) and then move your car to the other lot within three hours to avoid the fee. OR You could just leave your car all day in that lot and pay the “lost ticket” price of $30. Regular parking is $10 or $11.

  34. Hi i was just wondering is the event going to be held at DisneyWorld Florida or is it going to be at DisneyLand Paris? Thanks guys!

  35. HI


    thanks guys , your newest member katy x x x x

  36. Well, I guess you already know. This year tickets will be available to attend the premiere for only $1,500. Does this mean you’ll actually get to meet Johnny? Ha Ha Ha, not likely. There will be a section of the bleachers for celebs and a section for donors. Still, if you can afford the cost (it is for a great charity) you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  37. I have purchased tickets for the premiere, but details seem to be lacking at this point. We can’t even pick up the tickets until after 6 pm on the 19th and there will be a buffet dinner / rides available. But where will we be getting in? Will we be actually walking up the red carpet too? When will we have time to go on the rides that are for the ticket-holders? Will there be a chance for us to get autographs like the fans lining the red carpet? My niece will “just die” if I can’t get her an autograph LOL!

  38. How can you get a photo with the stars? do you have to be at the front of the crowd? i want to go so badly =)

  39. Hi Bogeymama …

    Here is some information I gathered from my e-mails with the Disney Rep. … “There are a total of 1200 tickets and they are going quickly. The $1,500 dollar ticket includes walking on the red carpet, attending the premiere party and seeing the movie. After walking down the red carpet, all premiere guests will be directed into the exclusive premiere party (including supper) located in Adventureland & Frontierland. When it is dark, all premiere guests will take their seats in our specially built outdoor movie theatre on the Rivers of America for the screening of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. Everyone will be assigned their premiere seats in the order they purchased tickets. The theatre is exclusive; and has been designed specifically so that every seat will have an excellent view of the screen.” (Per the website popcorn and a soft drink will be provided.) Once the movie is completed, you may play in the Park until 1 a.m. and enjoy coffee and ice cream novelties.”

    Another blog posted on another site received this e-mail from the Disney Rep. … “When purchasing the $1,500 ticket you will be part of the colorful parade of guests and celebrities walking on the red carpet. You are welcome to take candid pictures along the red carpet and at the pre-screening premiere party. However, due to time constraints, and for the safety, comfort and security of the stars and guests alike, you are not permitted to ask celebrities to sign autographs or pose for individual pictures. Thanks!”

    So, sadly it sounds like we will NOT have the opportunity to get autographs or “pose” for pictures! :( But, we can at least snap photos along the way, just not in the movie area.

    I was going to e-mail the Disney Rep. and ask her what the attire is. I am sure if you are at D-Land you need comfortable shoes, but then it is a fancy affair to a degree. I will post if I hear any other news. But, I am sure there will be information provided in the letter mailed to our home.

    All in all I am so excited and cannot wait. It was a lot of money for me, so I am trying to kind of set my expectations low, as not to be disappointed in the outcome.

    P.S. As usual D-Land has there stuff together, but if there are 1200 people trying to pick up tickets at Will Call … I would shoot for arriving early.

  40. Thanks for the info! I have tried to find info on several other blogs, and it looks like the only way to get the autographs and pictures is to camp out on Main St starting at 6 am. Definitely not our thing. Also sounds like the stars come down the carpet much later, so I’m not too worried about getting there right at 6 pm – except we do want to enjoy the rides and dinner! I’m like you – lots of $$$, we’re flying in from Canada just for the weekend, and it’s our first time away from our kids. We’re hoping just to have a unique experience combining our love of Disneyland (only been once), our appreciation of these movies (we like them even better than Star Wars), and my passion for kids’ cancer charities (I devote much of my spare time to volunteering in this area.) No single one of those things would have prompted me to buy the tickets, but all 3 combined was the perfect mix!

  41. Just so everyone knows, the Premiere tickets that were available are now sold out. To all those who got tickets, HAVE FUN AND I’LL SEE YOU THERE!!! :)

  42. Hi, I will be attending the premiere this year and I have a few unanswered questions… first of all are the stars of the movie going to be at the party/ dinner and if so where are they going to be and would that be a good time to get pictures? Second of all how should I dress for the occassion…is it formal, semi-formal, or casual? Also will there be any chance at all of meeting the stars and maybe get a picture with them? Any answers would be much appreciated.

  43. If I understand the post from miisvegas above, it doesn’t look like there will be alot of celebrity mixing amongst the charity-goers, but who knows? We’re going with the expectation that it is going to be an incredible experience, and if we happen to get a few pictures or autographs of celebrities, all the better! Disney will make it special for us, I’m sure. My kids are very young, so they haven’t got a clue about this …my 10 year old niece, however, will “just die” if we don’t get her an autograph from one of the Disney teanybopper stars. I haven’t a clue what any of them look like, but I am hoping that if we only get 1 autograph, it will be one that we can give to her!! LOL!

  44. I’m confused…

    Can you still go to the park that day and wait along the red carpet to at least see them? I know if you do that you cant see the movie but I just want to see Johnny and Orlando! :) E-mail me and let me know!!!

  45. The official press release came out a few days ago and Keira Knightley is not one of the guests attending. That sucks

  46. Orlando Bloom!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxoxooxoooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooxoxoox

  47. Casey, yes you can. I was at Disneyland today. They will open the park at 6am Saturday and remain open until 5pm, you may wait on Main Street to watch the stars arrive. But thats it….after that you either go home or if you’re passholder/park hopper then you can go to CA Adventure until 11pm. Good luck, I can imagine the park will be ridiculously packed all day Saturday.

  48. Does anyone who attended the red carpet premier of the Pirates of the Carribean At World’s End in Disneyland happen to have got any pictures of Johnny Depp when he came down the red carpet in front of the castle, we were in the bleachers and it was so dark in that area we were unable to get any pictures.

  49. Are you serious? This is how it ends?

    Actually, ending with Jack in a schooner and Barbosa in the pearl is great. Will’s story line is totally off from the o riginal two movies. Elizabeth turns into a single mom actually waiting for Will to come back each decade. Sooner or later anyone who has had their heart cut out and put in a box will stop caring.

    Everything was great up until the last few scenes. Then, like a second grade work of fiction, all hail is thrown to the wind and the story-line takes an easy out.

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