Disney posts big earning numbers

Disney posted some pretty good numbers today for 4th quarter and fiscal year end periods. CBS Marketwatch has the whole breakdown (and a summary here), but suffice it to say, Bob Iger has the ship set on the right course. What I like about these numbers is that, excluding the film production unit, these numbers were arrived at not through belt-tightening and cuts, but by producing and distributing quality product capitalizing on Disney’s main brands (Disney parks, movies, ESPN, and consumer products).

That said, I think there is plenty of room for improvement. The success at Disneyland has come through investment in fixing the park up for the 50th celebration. Walt Disney World now needs to see some of that love. It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about anything Consumer Products has released. They were on the ball for POTC and Pixar’s Cars, however and the results show that.

It remains to be seen if Disney’s reduced production schedule in the studios will amount to increase profits, or just cost savings. But Disney is positioned for greater synergy between nearly all its divisions from books to games to theme parks and Disney vault releases.

Finally Disney’s purchase of Pixar looks to have already paid some dividends. With careful management by Ed Catmul and Bob Iger, this merger should continue to bloom. Give John Lassetter the room he needs to do what he does.