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Last night marked the last episode of the Fall LOST mini-season. I thought it was a good one with a good cliffhanger (although the audience knows more than Jack, which is an unusual situation for LOST), but there were too many threads left unraveled and the whole Mr. Eko story line resolution left me feeling empty. I think there was a lot more for that character to do on the Island. Perhaps the show’s producers may have introduced a few too many characters with the Tailies and the Others and are just killing them off as fast as they can to get down to a manageable level again.

The NY Times has a great interview with Michael Emerson who plays Benjamin Linus, one of the characters I do like. I hope they give him more to do in the second half of the season. Of course we’ll have to wait until February to see if he survives the cliffhanger. In the meantime LOST fans will be stuck living the same day over and over again in Daybreak, a la Groundhog day. A perfect metaphor for LOST season three.

LOST isn’t the only ABC Show making news this week. TV Squad has three stories of interest this week. One says that the JJ Abrams produced Six Degrees has lived out most of its nine lives and been put on hiatus. ABC is moving Men in Trees into the timeslot and extending its run to a full season. That definitely reflects my viewing habits.

The other stories reflects on the draw of The Nine. Commentator Joel Keller wonders what happened to the show after a great start, the desire to watch the additional episodes has waned. Commentator Bob Sassone answers Keller with an argument that there is a lot going on in the show to watch. I’m in Keller’s boat, I watched the first three episodes and have the rest saved on the DVR. But if I don’t find time to watch them soon, they’ll be pushed off by other recorded shows.

What’s your ABC lineup look like now?

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  1. The actor who plays Mr. Eko decided to leave the show and return to England, so that’s why they killed him off. He lost both his parents in the last year and wanted to go back home.

  2. ABC viewing habits. I’m watching Dancing with the Stars, Lost, The Nine and Six Degrees. I enjoy them all, but if Six Degrees and The Nine get canceled, it won’t bother me too much.

    I’m debating whether to get involved with Day Break or not. I’m doing my normal November burn out. Too many shows I try to watch and wanting to do something else. For the first time in a couple years, I actually have at least one program on each network I watch.


  3. Lost is the only thing on ABC that I watch. Heck it’s just about the only thing I watch, period. And it’s losing me. I may not be back in February. I’m so flipping sick of wondering when we’re going to start getting answers. I’ve started playing a game to see how many scenes’ dialog I can finish with the line, “But I won’t tell you why.” It works in almost every scene! If it were a drinking game, I’d be stinking drunk by the end of each episode.

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