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Disney Engineer Don Edgren, now a Disney Legend

The Press-Enteprise has a lovely story about Don Edgren, a key figure in the history of Disneyland’s major construction from the Matterhorn through to Tokyo Disneyland.

on the Matterhorn, which opened in 1959, required extensive research,
including lots of photos of the Swiss peak and scale models. Disney
people visited the real peak to get an upclose look. Engineers designed
a steel skeleton and the railway that carried visitors inside the
make-believe mountain.

Special attention went into
replicating the Matterhorn’s distinctive peak, Edgren said, which the
Disney crew recreated with plaster. From top to bottom the ride stood
145 feet high — about 1 /100th the scale of the Matterhorn. Cranes
positioned steel beams into exact locations before they were welded
permanently in place.



Edgren was recently inducted into the Disney Legend hall of fame and deservedly so.