Disney shutters Custom CD Burners

Walt Disney World has turned off the ‘Wonderland’ Custom CD Burners at their Downtown Disney Toy Store location. I had no idea they still had those things. If I recall correctly, Disneyland closed theirs down a few years ago. When they first opened at Disneyland I made a dozen CDs with great attraction soundtracks and whatnot. Then the excitement waned, the offerings changed very little, there was no promotion of the product, and as a result the store stayed mostly empty. Looks like the same thing happened at WDW.

Retro Disney fans have no fear, most of those tracks will be made available via Apple’s iTunes Store. You can then burn those to CD at your leisure. You’ll just be on your own for fancy covers and liner notes. (Link)

3 thoughts on “Disney shutters Custom CD Burners”

  1. The kiosks were available on Disneyland’s Main Street until about a month ago when they were finally pulled. Although I think it’s been a while since you could mix-n-match old attraction tracks. Lately they’ve been just “online” catalogs, from which you could order CDs, and they’d get burned on demand.

  2. Good to hear that they will be on iTunes. In August we set out to find the kiosk and make our own CDs, but instead of being able to create a custom playlist of our favorite theme music we found pre-set ‘collections’ that we had no control over editing. (Just as JookyG said.) It was a major disappointment, and we left empty handed. I’m quite excited to hear that I’ll be able to finally make my playlist, and without having to fly back to Forida.

  3. Since when did they still have those machines!? They used to sit in that little hallway between the Crystal shop and the Sports shop in Downtown Disney (along with the airbrushed t-shirts, and Mickey and Me portraits)
    I’ve asked about their whereabouts several times and no one knew what I was talking about.
    Curses! I would have blown have the vacation money on those machines!!!

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