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Granville’s Steakhouse to change name

Disneyland Hotel’s Granville Steakhouse looks to be getting a name change to Steakhouse 55. The restaurant was named after original hotel owner Jack Wrather’s wife. Bonita Granville (one of the hotel towers has her first name) was a child-actor who was once nominated for a best supporting actress oscar. She also played Nancy Drew in the movie series. So there is some rich history with the Granville’s name.

I think the initial idea was to change the restaurant name to "Walt’s", but they moved away from that for some reason (possibly couldn’t get the family’s approval? but just guessing there). Steakhouse 55 is obviously meant to echo the exclusivity of Club 33. Unfortunately, this restaurant will need more than a name change. It needs a location change. It is literally the farthest thing away from Disneyland’s main gate on the property. You have to walk all the way through the hotel to get there and then you have to know to look behind the buffet and lounge area for the entrance.

Look, I’m not one of the people that says Disneyland should remain unchanged. There are only a few sacred cows there for me. One day Space Mountain, Star Tours, the Fantasyland rides, will all change and it will be for the better. So I’m not against this name change per se. I may not know the whole picture. I just wish Disney would respect the hotel’s history a bit more, perhaps reopening a ‘Granville’s Steakhouse’ somewhere else on property (perhaps on the top floor of the Bonita tower?). Lose the history and you lose the storyline.