Disney Announces New Hosts for 2007 ABC/ESPN NASCAR Broadcasts

ABC is returning to its roots next year with broadcast rights for the second half of the NASCAR season, which includes the playoff-esque race for the chase. Hosting the shows will be television veteran Brent Musburger, former stock car champion Rusty Wallace and longtime pit reporter Jerry Punch. TV newcomer Andy Petree, former NASCAR crew chief for Dale Earnhardt will act as the third analyst.

It will be interesting to see how Punch handles the transition from Pit Reporter to Booth Jockey. But I’m sure he’ll enjoy not having to run around as much. I wonder who will step in to play doctor when he’s not around. Pit reporting duties will be handled by Allen Bestwick, Dave Burns, Jamie Little and Mike Massaro.

Sounds like Disney is rounding up the usual suspects and adding in some great authorities on the sport. Should make for a great team. (link)

Also see some additional commentary in USAToday’s Sports Television column.

1 thought on “Disney Announces New Hosts for 2007 ABC/ESPN NASCAR Broadcasts”

  1. Personally I rank NASCAR as a sport somewhere between fishing and ballroom dancing, but I am increasingly in the minority on this. Even Jim Rome switched his stance on “neck-car” as he calls it.

    However, I am looking forward to the inevitable Cars tie-ins to the coverage.

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