Disney Feature Animation Downsizing again.

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Disney announced they were launching an online portal for aspiring artists to submit their portfolios? Now comes news that Walt Disney Feature Animation has been told to brace for layoffs. The Animation Guild blog has the news.

Be sure to read through the comments for some juicy tidbits on the state of the union down in Burbank. One juicy bit is that the script for ‘The Frog Princess’, the next film everyone expects to be hand-drawn, is on John Lasseter’s desk waiting to get the green-light.

1 thought on “Disney Feature Animation Downsizing again.”

  1. Sounds like they may be treating their artists the same way they treat their park castmembers, looking for people that will work more for less due to their blinding love of things Disney.

    In with the new (cheap) and out with the old.

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