Orlando Sentinel’s Chow Hound tours Epcot’s Food and Wine

Scott Joseph, the Orlando Sentinel’s Chow Hound columnist, reports on his visit to this year’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

I’ve sniped about the parsimonious portions in years past, hardly worth the prices that average around $3 per plate. But I have no complaints about value this time, especially when portion and quality have both improved.
And I’m sure many of my fellow park-goers enjoyed the supersized samples, too, seeing as how I had inadvertently chosen Fat Americans Day to visit Epcot. How else could you explain so many of them in one place?

Hey. I resemble that remark. But he’s right. F&W is a mecca for people who love food. So it makes sense that a larger proportion of the attendants are overweight. I tell myself that walking around the World Showcase is enough exercise to burn off all those calories gained through sampling and drinking (Boston Brewing’s Samuel Adams has some great beers at the park this year).

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  1. *I didn’t know there was a Fat Americans Day. That’s almost as cool as International Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept. 19th).

    *Have you had the Sam Adams Octoberfest? Yummy.

    *I know $3 for a small portion may not seem like a good deal anywhere else, but that sounds like a gonga at a Disney Park. Are the samples really that small, say smaller than a candy bar? Or is it how fast $3 a plate adds up?

  2. I live in Orlando and a few friends and I are planning on visting Epcot for the F&W festival. I was wondering if anyone knows where we can get discount tickets.

  3. Thanks for your comment. There are a couple of discount ticket brokers in the Orlando area. I recommend Maple Leaf Tickets on 192 on the way to Kissimmee. That said, they don’t offer discounts on one-day tickets. In fact, they charge more for those.

    As a Florida Resident you’re eligible for Florida Resident discoutn prices on the tickets. AllEarsNet has a great FAQ on ticket prices.




    My recommendation is to buy a Florida Resident Annual Pass for $361.04 (or $473.93 including water parks). But if you can’t afford that, then I recommend buying as many Magic Your Way ticket days as you can afford, but make sure you get the non-expiring ticket. You an drop the price of a daily ticket from $67 to $45 if you by a 7-day non-expiring Magic Your Way ticket at the Florida Resident Rate. It’s even less per day if you buy a 10-day pass. (Again the cost goes up if you want to add water parks.)

    Non-expiring, means just that, you can use those 7 days whenever you want going forward. So in effect, you’re making an investment in future fun at Disney.

    -hope that helps-


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