Donny Osmond brings his purple socks to Broadway’s Beauty

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Music and television star Donny Osmond, who early in his career performed at Disneyland with his brothers, has started a 9-week engagement as Gaston in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast on Broadway. You have to go Playbill and see the story if just to check out the cheesy curtain call picture of Donny. It’s clear he relishes the role.

I wonder if this signals a return to the Disney fold for the actor.

1 thought on “Donny Osmond brings his purple socks to Broadway’s Beauty”

  1. John,

    You’re showing your age with the purple sock stuff!

    Good for Donny O. Despite his career turning into someething of a punchline he has retained his humor and dignity, and obviously his talent.

    BTW, I used to have a pair of purple socks. I also had the official Mork suspenders. I was a slave to fashion.

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