Incredibly Small Art

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SnowwhiteWillard Wigan works in the extreme miniature field for his sculptures. This Snow White & The Seven Dwarves piece requires a microscope with 100x magnification to view. This man must have perfectly steady nerves to do this. (Link)

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  1. As a research student, a couple of years ago film director Pogus Caesar gave me access to film footage of Willard from the amazing film [An eye on X (1993)]. There are hours of rare unseen footage of Willard at home in Handsworth, Birmingham where he is seen sculpting, talking, flying wooden planes and reflecting on life. Also seen in Willards backyard is Neville Staple of (The Specials) and Ranking Roger (The Beat), two prominent British ska bands from the 1980’s!

    This footage is great and give a rare insight into the fantastic world of the this great micro – sculptor….

    VIEW: OOM Gallery Films

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