ESPN’s MNF Saints Broadcast scores record

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ESPN captured over 10.8 million homes with their broadcast of the Monday Night Football game and New Orlean’s Saints football team’s return to the New Orleans Superdome. I think it would have been nice to see a phone number for some Katrina charities broadcast a few more times than just in the preshow. But otherwise I think it struck the right mix or game and story.

Two issues that have nothing to do with ESPN. Let’s not get into the $185 million that was spent on the Superdome while homes are still yet to be rebuilt. Second, the audience was decidedly white last night. Where were the people who were evacuees in the superdome sitting? In the rafters? (Link)

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  1. Great article on the Saint’s return to the Superdome and their astonishing 23-3 win. Adding those 3 things together, it was a phenomenal moment for the natives of New Orleans. And that statement includes all the natives of New Orleans no matter what their race, creed or color may be. Your last paragraph leaves a lot to be desired however. It seems that you have subscribed to all that the news media shoved into people’s faces in the weeks following the tragic aftermath of Katrina in my home town. I would have expected someone with a “news” blog, particularly Disney, to realise how the media manipulates facts, figures and issues to tell it’s readers/viewers how to think and react to such events. Knowing full well and personally how there were so many whites and other races affected as adversely as those that were shown, it amazes me to see that people still insist on supporting the myth that only the black residents were treated cruelly and unjustly by the storm and it’s after affects. Many more people were affected than what the television programs and Spike Lee have depicted in their bids to train the minds of their audiences that one group was devestated and another was not. I understand the amount of money was seemingly outrageous and I agree…I loathe sports and it is seemingly a waste of money while so many are still homeless and out of their homes. (I myself had to relocate my entire life out of state with an eye on returning home in the future when I can afford to.) New Orleans is a tourist destination and needs to gather it’s pride while repairing and rebuilding in order to be the great destination that it was before the storm and the return of the Superdome as well as a strengthened and determined Saints is farther steps towards that goal. But you see, I am a native New Orleanian who lost many friends and relatives to the storm and to hear it be told that my race was “safe” and another not and suffered more than mine is offensive and is…well…a reaction to the veiled racist statement in your post. I am a long time reader of the Disney Blog and this is the first time that I have ever been so insulted that I felt the need to complain with a comment. In the future, I ask that you keep in mind that even you might have the information wrong and are indeed being led by the media to continue to think along a racist bias. There were whites in the superdome during and after Katrina and many of them did not make it out alive. Perhaps they were in the rafters watching the game with those that you glibly stated were, as angels…helping support the Saints and the city of New Orleans feel a little more like home, a little more like what it was before Katrina and the misguided and selfserving medai backhanded sensationalism…a proud place to be from.

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