Union Organization at Universal Orlando

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You’d think this would be a good time for union organizing in Central Florida. Apparently so do the local unions. They’ve kicked off a campaign to get Universal Orlando unionized.

The unemployment rate in Orlando is at an all-time low. With higher starting wages and bonuses, it’s never been easier to get a job at one of the big three theme parks. They’re desperate for employees and holding job fairs well into the summer. So why wouldn’t Universal Employees want to join a union and leverage some of the power that employees can wield over companies when they band together?

Why? Because for three years the unions at Disney World have been ineffective at getting real benefits and high wages for their employees. The employees just aren’t willing to risk having no wages, no health care, and no guarantee of future benefits, if they strike against Disney. None of the things that would really help them are on the table anyway. Disney’s too smart than to offer up something cast members would really be willing to fight for.

Guaranteed hours, a fixed schedule, free child care, on-premise affordable health care, a living wage, a system of training for promotions, promotion from within the parks instead of hiring from the outside, etc. These are the things that would make employees lives easier and build their loyalty to the company. Universal, Disney, SeaWorld, could add any of those and their turnover rates would drop dramatically.