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Disney label stretched in new film announcement

  • by has the announcement of a new picture deal between Disney and two writers on Fox’s The Family Guy animated television show.

The film will be produced by the Wedding Crashers trio of Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams and Robert Levy at Tapestry. No plot was disclosed, but studio president Oren Aviv hinted that, like "Crashers," it has a raucous premise built for two male stars

And as a sign of the new regime at Disney Studios, this will be released under the Disney label. If you’ve ever seen The Family Guy, then you know how far on the opposite end of the scale it is from the ‘Disney’ brand. What’s wrong with placing this under the Hollywood Pictures or Touchstone label. Heck, make it really out there and put it in the Miramax house. But please let’s leave ‘Disney’ to Disney.