Introducing Ken Pellman

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I’m very pleased to announce the arrival of Ken Pellman to The Disney Blog. I first met Ken when he was a cast member at Disneyland. It became very apparent that he was a rare breed; as enthused about the place he worked as any Disneyland fan. His writings on the business of theme parks and particulaly the workings of Disneyland have been very valuable to my growth in knowledge about the subject.

I ask all my guest authors to provide a bio. Here’s what Ken sent.

Ken Pellman has been following all things Disney for as long as he can remember, focusing especially on the theme parks.  He has been writing for since the site was launched.  He grew up in South Pasadena, California, becoming a Disneyland annual passholder in 1985, and is again an annual passholder after a 15-year stint as a cast member.  Ken has a BA in Thematic Environmental Design.  He lives in Anaheim with his wife and their dog and is a Public Information Officer in addition to being a freelance writer and voice talent.  Ken Pellman owns several hundred shares of Disney.

Ken also has his own website and blog and is an avid follower of Weird Al Yankovic. Welcome aboard Ken.