A Pixar Campus Tour

Growing up a Disney fan one of my biggest wishes was to visit the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. I remember the thrill when that wish finally came true a few years after moving down to SoCal. So I can imagine how Ken Bautista, from Luxo – the Pixar Animation Blog, felt upon his visit to the Pixar Studios campus.

This is one of the most detailed tours I’ve read of the campus with many great pictures (even though Pixar limits what pictures you’re allowed to take). I would love to see a picture of those renderfarms.

3 thoughts on “A Pixar Campus Tour

  1. Ken Bautista

    You’re right John. I was giddy in the car even on the trip between SF and Emeryville. After seeing bits and pieces on all those behind-the-scenes featurettes over the years, it was so exciting to see it all in action first hand! P.S. Sadly I have no pics of the renderfarms… next time!

  2. RisingSunofNihon

    Thanks for linking to that other blog. That Pixar tour certainly does look like it would really be worthwhile. It’s now on my “things to do on vacation” list!!

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