Shields and Yarnell go to Disney World

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Growing up in the late 70s as I did I couldn’t help but be entertained by the comedy mime duo of Shields and Yarnell (wikipedia). Someone has YouTubed a clip of the duo on a trip to Orlando where they visit Disney World in its pre-EPCOT days. Very funny and very weird.

More on the special below the cut

The Shields and Yarnell clip is from 1978’s Christmas at WDW special. The
special also starred Phyllis Diller, Avery Schreiber as Geppetto, Pablo
Cruise and Danielle (Darnelle?) Spencer, the bratty sister from ‘What’s

doing The Klinkers at WDW, they had a clip of themselves as babies at
the park, and the husband did a sketch as Pinocchio. The end has
the cast singing Christmas Carols on a snowy Main Street.

How do I know all of
this? I still have it. :) It was taped long ago in the mid-80s when we
used to get those WEEK-long previews of The Disney Channel. It’s still
on Beta, but hasn’t been transferred to VHS.

Btw, Shields and Yarnell were featured on VH-1’s I Love the 70s (Volume 1). They are also divorced. (via LP’s FiveBearRugs)