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Oren Aviv discusses what the Disney movie brand will be

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Reuters has a quick interview with Disney’s new studio chief, Oren Aviv.

"I’ll start by telling you a few great examples," Aviv said
Wednesday, a day after he was promoted from marketing chief as
part of a sweeping revamp that will see 650 people lose their
jobs. "They would be ‘Pirates (of the Caribbean),’ ‘Chronicles
of Narnia,’ ‘National Treasure,’ ‘The Pacifier’ and ‘Miracle.’
If it’s a great idea and it’s done with quality and care, then
it qualifies to be a Disney movie."

Thankfully he didn’t include "Meet The Deedles" in there. But he does clarify that the Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures labels won’t completely disappear but will be pulled out as needed. He’d just prefer to release as many films under one label as possible.