A rumor is going around that as part of the Pixarfication of Disney the name of Walt Disney Imagineering might be returned to WED Enterprises. WED being the initials of the company’s founder Walter Elias Disney. The Imagineering Rebirth blog has a look at exactly what that means and why a name is sometimes more than just a name.

I’m Switzerland here. To me the cultural shift away from the ‘build to sell’ back to the ‘build to tell’ is the important one. As they say on the Imagineering Rebirth blog, Expedition Everest is a good example of that shift, so is Turtle Talk with Crush.

If you ask me, the most important shift WDI could make right now would be to separate out the Disney Development Company again. Let the hotel, cruise ship, and real estate developers do what they do best but with Imagineers guiding the story. Right now those forces are too close and the ‘story’ sometimes gets lost.

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