Children’s Place opens strong

One of the last things Michael Eisner did during the second half of his career at Disney, aka. the reign of terror, was to sell off the rights to The Disney Store. Children’s Place snapped them up and has now whipped them into profitable shape. 1st quarter results looked so good they plan to open more stores.

3 thoughts on “Children’s Place opens strong

  1. whit

    I know there is a post on here somewhere with all of us bashing Children’s Place and their Wal*Marting of The Disney Store, but I must say that I have enjoyed my past couple of visits. Granted, I’m basing my opinion on just one store, but we have been finding some nice stuff, especially summer related merchandise.
    I would still like to see more detail to the store itself- the Disney touch, and having the various discounts reinstated would be a positive step.

  2. tikistitch

    More Stitch stores? Yay! Right now, we gotta run all the way to *Tacoma* to find a Disney store. Good going, Children’s Place. Now, please bring back adult-sized clothing, ok?

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