New Milder Version of Mission:Space to Open Today

The new tame, non-spinning, option for Mission:Space guests at Epcot will open today. I’ll try and make it out there this weekend to get a first person report for you, but this is what I’m reading will happen:

There will be two Mission: SPACE experiences,
Orange Team (spinning high G version as before) and Green Team
(non-spinning mild version). The current Standby entrance will become
Orange Standby, with the current Singles entrance becoming Green
Standby. Before anyone can enter the building they will need to have an
orange or green pass, which will have to be presented at the end of the
line. This pass will ensure that the rider has chosen the correct ride
version, and should help to reduce confusion.

No word yet if there will be any movement at all in the tamer version or if the restraint system or height requirement has been changed. The simulated motion was a large part of the attraction, it will be interesting to see if the tame version is anything more than just watching a video screen in a really tight confining ride vehicle.

Many guests complain of severe motion sickness after riding the full version of Mission:Space. Then in less than a year two guests died after riding the full version of the attraction. Autopsy reports indicated both guests had pre-existing conditions that were the cause of death. Disney claims this new tame option has nothing to do with the deaths and is just a way to grow the numbers of guests who can experience the attraction.

Update: Orlando Sentinel Reporter Beth Kassab went to ride the new version this morning (boy she has the life!). She reports that the ride vehicle still does move some and that many are opting for the less intense version.

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