See Both Sides of the Atlantic, but Mostly Lots and Lots of Water

Thanks to this story in USA TODAY  the secret is out about Disney Cruise Line going transalantic.  Following last years very successful coast to coast voyage Disney is adding Europe, specifically the mediterannian, to its itenerary.  The trip offers what Disney is billing as a less hectic journey into Europe and its culture for its guests- especially families with small children.  We missed the boat, literally, out of LA last year.  Hopefully, since they are considering the addition of new ships, they will offer that trip again.

The cruise industry in general is doing just swimmingly at the moment despite what appears to be a rise in crime, illness and overall safety concerns.  I am of the ‘common sense’ school and feel that most of these obstacles can be avoided by practicing said sense.  However, the one thing that worries me is the increase in pirate activity, and I’m not talking about Jack Sparrow or Jimmy Buffet.  If these guys will attack Navy ships what’s keeping them off our leisure cruises?  A big mouse waving an American flag just reeks of a sitting duck doesn’t it?  No offense to Mickey or Donald, respectively.