Labor Agreement? is reporting that Disneyland and its 4,600 union cast members may have struck a deal ensuring you needn’t cross picket lines to reach ticket lines.  The two parties have agreed in principle to a contract which union CM’s will vote to ratify on Saturday the 25th.

Hopefully it will pass. Nothing could taint the 50th celebration more than having your family spit upon and cursed at while trying to make your way to the happiest place on earth.

1 thought on “Labor Agreement?”

  1. Most of my department is voting no on the contract, but it will probably still pass because it sounds like Day Custodial is behind it. It pretty much screws over any new hires from getting decent raises (5 years to make $10!), accruing vacation time, or getting benefits. And it greatly lowers the incentive to become a lead, among other things. It also lowers the number of paid holidays. I’m pretty upset over the whole thing. I love working at the park, but it’s hard when things like this happen. Morale is at a pretty much all-time low. And even if there is a strike, I doubt the guests will even be affected. There’s multiple entrances and exits to the park now, and most are on private property.

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