Just when you thought you had seen it all…

…this just in, Gene Simmons of Kiss digs Disney!  OK, this isn’t news to many of you, but Gene does credit Walt Disney, and specifically ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, with influencing him to take the path that he has. Says Gene in the  L.A. Times (March 4th, 2006)  "When Jiminy Cricket sang ‘When You Wish Upon a Star,’ I thought that little bug was singing to me," he said. "I walked out of that movie theater, and he had done more for me than any religious figure ever could. I was empowered. It was electrifying." In fact, on his 1978 solo album he covered, for better or worse, Disney’s most cherished song.

This led me to wonder, are there any other obscure covers out there? I realize that many artists have contributed to Disney compilations over the years, and the likes of Louis Armstrong, Jim Brickman and Dave Brubeck have had very successful albums covering large portions of the catalog, but what about the weird and unknown? Gene Simmons wishing on a star- that kind of weird.

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3 thoughts on “Just when you thought you had seen it all…

  1. K

    Must be tough to get the Kiss makeup off with all the wrinkles. Excuse me for cynicism, but this smells like an aging rock band looking for the next DEVO contract with Disney.

  2. C. Caines

    The Coverville Podcast did an all-Disney cover show last May or July. It ended with the great tongued-one’s “When You Wish Upon A Star”.
    In the archives of coverville.com

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