New Studio President a loud signal?

Signaling the direction Bob Iger wants the Walt Disney Studios to go, Iger has placed the former Chief Financial Officer, Alan Bergman, in charge. To me that’s a bit like placing the child in charge of the cookie jar. He may know good cookies when he sees them and certainly knows that he wants more of them, but you wouldn’t want him baking in the oven. Maybe he’s a different kind of Financial Officer, more in the Frank Wells mold.

The Walt Disney Studios is actually fairly varied in what it encompasses. Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution,
Buena Vista Pictures Marketing, Buena Vista International, Miramax,
Buena Vista Home Entertainment worldwide, Disney Theatrical
Productions, The Buena Vista Music Group, Buena Vista Television and
Buena Vista Television International all fall under its realm. So Berman has alot to keep watch over. I certainly wish him luck.

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