Disney’s airport shuttle service a success!

to Disney and guest feedback I have heard, Disney’s Magical Express, a service that picks up resort guests at the airport and transports them and their
luggage separately to their hotel rooms, has been a success. Too big a success
if you ask the shuttle drivers and taxi cab owners who are having their
customers sucked away by this new service.

I don’t
think the shuttle and taxi companies have much to complain about. The Orange
County Convention Bureau says there are 111,705 rooms in inventory in the Orlando area.  Of those less than 30,000 are on
the Disney property, or about 25%. Even if Disney managed to fully utilize the
DME, which they don’t claim to, that still leaves more than 80,000 rooms to be
serviced by the shuttle and taxi folks. The city of San Francisco only has about 32,000 rooms and they maintain a healthy shuttle and taxi industry, plus they have a
light rail/subway system that runs from the airport to downtown.

The shuttle
and taxi drivers will have to adjust to the new reality. If they wanted to make
a real difference in their bottom line, they would join the Convention Bureau
and attempt to attract more convention business to the area. That’s their real
bread and butter now.

Now the
airport is making the argument that they made more money when more guests were
renting cars will also have to adjust to the new reality. A mass transit system
is a need. If Disney is choosing to operate it on their dime, why is that a bad

So, I hope Disney’s
Magical Express
continues. It decreases traffic on the roads, demands on the
airports infrastructure, stress for the guest, and therefore is really a public
service that Disney is doing for the community. They should be getting awards
for it, not flack.

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