Tirade in New York at the Pixar MoMA exhibit

Ronnie Del Carmen reports back from the new Pixar exhibit at New York City’s MoMa.

There are an estimated four hundred people from Pixar who made the trip
to New York to be part of this night. The 22 degree weather, holiday
shopping season foot and car traffic didn’t slow any of them down from
converging at the Moma on West 53rd in their heavy coats and scarves.
This is the culmination of months of preparation from all parties
involved from either coast in mounting the exhibit and the celebration
of two decades of steady, nose to the the grindstone work by artisans
from a little company that could from San Francisco.

The exhibit continues through February 6th.

Also see Michael Sporn’s comments on the exhibit. (thanks Cartoonbrew)

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One thought on “Tirade in New York at the Pixar MoMA exhibit

  1. Doug135711

    Is it just me, or is the new Pixar ad for “Cars” running with Narnia poking fun at the Mouse?

    Ad:”We could brag about our many awards . . .

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